Waterfront Area

  • We suggest you have a responsible adult (preferably certified) to monitor the beach area when it is in use. You are responsible for the safety of your group.
  • You will need to have a responsible adult at the top and bottom of the 150 foot waterslide, and will need to make sure that it is operated safely. A camp staff member will train you in it’s use or can operate it for you if you prefer. If you choose to operate the waterslide, you are responsible for it (improper use can result in damage to the pump that can be very expensive to repair or replace).
  • There are canoes, a pontoon, and baseball/volleyball/basketball/horseshoe equipment available for you to use during your stay. You are responsible for missing or damaged equipment. The sports equipment can be locked up at your request, if you do not want to assume responsibility and do not plan to use it.


  • Contact the Caretaker for instruction on pump use. Damage due to improper use can cost thousands and you will be charged for damages. Camp staff will operate on request.
  • One at a time; wait until the last person leaves the base of the slide before starting.
  • Use in daylight hours only.
  • Two adults are required when in use – at the top and the bottom.


  • Don’t litter in the lake.
  • Lifejackets, paddles and float toys are in the Beach Shack. Put away after use.
  • Tether paddle boats to the hitching rail after each use.
  • Turn canoes upside down on shore after use.
  • No Running or diving on the shore docks.
  • Waterfront is to be used during daylight hours only.
  • Properly fitted life jackets required for all watercraft use and for non-swimmers.
  • Adult Supervision required at the beach when in use.
  • The Pontoon is available for use by rental camps. Charge is $5.00 per gallon of gas. Check the box on the reservation if you plan to use.

Recreation Equipment

  • Basketballs, Volleyballs, Soccer balls and Horseshoes are in the Rec Shack near the Basketball court.
  • Softballs, bats and gloves are located in the Ball Shack near the activity field.
  • All sports equipment must be returned neatly in the proper Shack after use and before you leave.
  • You are responsible to pay for damaged or missing equipment.

Camp Cleaning

  • You are responsible for daily kitchen, dining room and activity center kitchen cleaning. Camp Staff will clean restrooms, showers, and empty garbage daily, and clean/sanitize after your stay.  
  • You are responsible to wash/put away dishes prior to departure.
  • Please keep cabins clean.


  • The house, shed, and shop are for staff use only.
  • Areas behind the shower house are off limits.
  • Beyond the beach and lodge is private property; please stay on the camp grounds.


For reservations & more contact us at:
28826 Heavenly Drive NW
Pinewood, MN 56676
Phone: 218.243.2061 | email: info@dellwater.com

testimony 2

“This year I hated my life. I tried to commit suicide 3 times. Last night after … prayed for me, I started to cry because they prayed for me and thanked God for my life. I wasn’t depressed anymore, I didn’t want to die.”

Testimony 1


“I believed in God before I came to camp, but I was not sure Jesus was real. Now I know and Jesus is AWESOME!”

“God has worked through so many of the folks at Camp Dellwater. I can honestly say that the experiences I have had here this week have completely changed my life. Some of my scars and burdens, which I have been carrying for years, have been healed and lifted! God is so good! Thank you for all the work you do.”

“Before I came to camp I was on my way to Hell. I hated everyone and every part of my life, but God saved me.”

“I came this year with a lot of problems. I came with hate and a lot of anger. I did not want to come. I begged them not to send me here, but I am glad they did. All my foundations were broken this last year. My heart was full of arrows. This year at camp, I rededicated my life to God. Thanks to all the people who prayed for me and showed me God really loves me. Thank you for bringing joy and happiness back in my life.”

“What impacted me most was the pain, grief and sadness that I not only heard in the words of these girls, but that I saw in their eyes. I ended up staying till the end of camp and was blown away by the impact God might have, through me, to these girls.”

Scholarship Fund

Camp Dellwater is committed to ensuring youth and families have the opportunity to experience camp and have their lives impacted for Christ. We offer camp scholarships for campers who cannot afford to pay for camp. The scholarship program is supported by our donors and gifts can be designated to this fund. To donate to the scholarship fund, please  mail your donation to the address at the bottom of the page and write ‘Scholarship Fund’ in the memo section of your check.

Purposely Invest

Contributions play a critical role in the ministry of Camp Dellwater. Through the generous donations of faithful supporters, we are able to offer affordable rates and many children, who would not otherwise be able to attend camp, can come and be ministered to with the love of Jesus. You can mail donations to the address at the bottom of this page.


Consider joining other volunteers who offer their time, skills and abilities to Camp Dellwater. You can make invaluable contributions to young men and women by helping prepare and maintain the Camp for the camping season.

Contact us to match your interests with our current needs. We have one-time, seasonal and on-going opportunities for groups and individuals to volunteer.
Call us at 218-243-2061 or Send an email to info@Dellwater.com  . We’d love to meet you!


Camp Dellwater covets your prayers most of all. We know that unless God builds the house, we labor in vain. Through the prayers of our faithful supporters, we have seen God do miraculous things in the lives of campers as well as in fulfilling His plans for the Camp. Please continue to lift this ministry up before the Lord! Email us at info@dellwater.com to subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.


The chapel is a screened gazebo with benches lining the inside perimeter. Extra chairs and tables can be brought in to facilitate the use for small group meetings.

Athletic Field

The athletic field is a 10,000 square yard groomed field which is suitable for a vast array of outdoor sports and games. There are new softball backstops constructed on opposing corners. Standards are available for a game of 4-way volleyball. And the field is always great for a game of slip-n-slide soccer or Ultimate Frizbee! In addition, there are separate volleyball and basketball courts.

Dining Facility

The dining facility is located in the lower level of the lodge and consists of two rooms. The cafeteria is right off the kitchen with booth seating for 40 people. A large dining room with seating for 100 people is connected to the cafeteria through a doorway and to the kitchen through a by-pass window. Seating is primarily tables and chairs with some booths. High chairs are available for the convenience of families with young children.

Shower House

The shower house provides restrooms and hot showers for guests staying in cabins, tents and RV sites. Usage in the fall is dependent on weather conditions. A separate Laundry facility, supported by voluntary donations, is available to staff for kitchen towels and soiled bedding.


The Waterfront provides many activities for the enjoyment of our guests with canoes, paddle boats, fishing boat and pontoon. There is also a roped swimming area as well as a diving raft. There are a set of standards for a game of water basketball if the group is not busy playing watermelon football. The highlight of the waterfront is the 150 foot waterslide, enjoyed by young and old alike.

RV/Tent Sites

There are 7 RV sites which can accommodate up to 40′ RV’s. The sites have water, electric and sewer hook-ups. There are numerous tent sites available.

Nurse’s Cabin

The Nurse’s Cabin has 2 small bedrooms, a sitting room and the convenience of a restroom with toilet and sink. A small fridge is available to store medications and ice packs and there is a locker for medications.