Waterfront Area

  • We suggest you have a responsible adult (preferably certified) to monitor the beach area when it is in use. You are responsible for the safety of your group.
  • You will need to have a responsible adult at the top and bottom of the 150 foot waterslide, and will need to make sure that it is operated safely. A camp staff member will train you in it’s use or can operate it for you if you prefer. If you choose to operate the waterslide, you are responsible for it (improper use can result in damage to the pump that can be very expensive to repair or replace).
  • There are canoes, a pontoon, and baseball/volleyball/basketball/horseshoe equipment available for you to use during your stay. You are responsible for missing or damaged equipment. The sports equipment can be locked up at your request, if you do not want to assume responsibility and do not plan to use it.

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